Surviving America’s Depression Epidemic

How to Find Morale, Energy, and Community in a World Gone Crazy

The rate of depression is the United States has increased more than tenfold in the last fifty years, and American mental health institutions have become part of the problem rather than the solution. The good news is that age-old wisdom and legitimate science—uncorrupted by the profit-margin pressures of pharmaceutical and insurance companies—have much to inform us about revitalizing depressed people and a depressing culture. Surviving America’s Depression Epidemic provides an alternate approach that encompasses the whole of our humanity, society, and culture, and which redefines depression in a way that makes enduring transformations more likely.

“Dr. Bruce E. Levine reminds us to take a broader view and incorporate historical analysis, social criticism, cross-cultural perspectives, creative insights, and spiritual wisdom into any future public discourse about why so many in our culture are so unhappy, and how we can best help them thrive instead. Surviving America’s Depression Epidemic is a bold, intelligent, courageous, and insightful book that will enlighten and inspire many individuals who count themselves as among ‘the depressed’ (including myself).”

—Thomas Armstrong, PhD, author of The Human Odyssey and The Myth of the A.D.D. Child

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    Untouchable. | Scintillating Speck October 2, 2013 at 9:01 am |

    […] night, sniffling with a cold, lying in bed, I was re-reading a remarkable book by Bruce Levine, Surviving America’s Depression Epidemic.  The radical premise in this book is that “depression” (a misleading term if there […]

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