Bruce Levine

Bruce Levine

Leading Psychiatrists Unwittingly Acknowledge Psychiatry is a Religion, Not a Science

Mad in America January 12th, 2023

Since the seventeenth century, Enlightenment thinkers have distinguished science from religion, and by at least one critical distinction, leading psychiatrists have unwittingly acknowledged that major constructs in contemporary psychiatry are religious ideas, not scientific ones.

The New York Times Uncritically Repeats Discredited Antidepressant Claims

CounterPunch December 21st, 2022

Furthermore, if all one knew about the serotonin imbalance theory of depression was from that November 9, 2022 New York Times article, one would believe that psychiatry has long known it was untrue but is not responsible for the fact that much of the general public has been unaware that it was disproven decades ago.

Psychiatry’s Nightmarish 2022 & Its Hysterical Defense Against Criticism

Mad in America October 8th, 2022

So in 2022, research reviews published in prestigious journals have made it clear that there is no neurobiological evidence—no chemical imbalance, no brain structure evidence—for any psychiatric condition.

Taxpayers Deserve Compensation from Naming-Rights Deals

Cincinnati Enquirer September 13th, 2022

If Cincinnati Enquirer blocks connecting to this article without a subscription, GO TO September 13 Blog: “New Norms, Naming Rights, Paycor, and Ronald Reagan.”