Bruce Levine

Bruce Levine

Debunking The Myths About Depression and Antidepressants

Empower U with Host Michael Mercier March 27th, 2024

You Want It Darker: A Sick Society, Trump Worshippers, and the Drama Triangle

CounterPunch March 20th, 2024

Millions of Americans are in a state of horror over the fact that millions more Americans are poised to elect as president not just a scumbag, but an in-your-face scumbag. Among those millions of Americans who are horrified by Trump and his worshippers, only a small minority of them are horrified by a society that has created them.

Depression: Psychiatry’s Discredited Theories and Drugs Versus a Sane Model and Approach

Mad in America February 24th, 2024

Psychiatry’s serotonin-imbalance theory of depression, long discarded by researchers, was finally flushed down the toilet by psychiatry and the mainstream media in 2022. And psychiatrists’ primary treatments for depression—their so-called “antidepressants”—are now circling the drain. This leads to at least two questions: (1) What model of depression actually fits the facts? (2) What approach to […]

This is Hell! The Final Nail in Psychiatry’s Antidepressant Coffin / Bruce Levine

This is Hell! Hosted by Chuck Mertz February 7th, 2024

Belly-Flopping Into Mysticism: Bruce Levine, PhD Clinical Psychologist

Hosted by Penni Kolpin January 18th, 2024

Scientific Misconduct and Fraud: The Final Nail in Psychiatry’s Antidepressant Coffin

CounterPunch January 17th, 2024

“. . . if the major media picks up on this story, they will have the chance to report on what arguably is the worst—and most harmful—scandal in American medical history”—Robert Whitaker, publisher of, January 3, 2024

Radically Genuine Podcast with host Roger McFillin: Video Excerpt from Episode 116. Resisting Illegitimate Authority w/ Dr. Bruce Levine (For Entire Audible Interview, See Below)

Radically Genuine Podcast Video Excerpt December 28th, 2023