Bruce Levine

Bruce Levine

How to Explain Top Psychiatrists’ “Dr. Strangelove Exuberance” Unchecked by Reality

Mad in America June 6th, 2024

Exuberant individuals who disregard societal consensus reality are routinely diagnosed by psychiatrists with bipolar disorder; however, among psychiatrists themselves, exuberance about psychiatry regardless of the reality of psychiatry’s repeated scientific failures makes one a leading psychiatrist. While one explanation for top psychiatrists’ exuberance unchecked by reality is their financial conflicts of interest with Big Pharma, […]

Howl in the Wilderness: Is Psychiatry Bullsh•t? | Dr. Bruce E. Levine

Interviewed by Brian James May 23rd, 2024

New York Times Sinks to New Low in Its Psychiatric Drug Coverage

CounterPunch May 8th, 2024

For those familiar with the disastrous New York Times reporting of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in Iraq, it will be no great surprise that once again the Times’ trust in sources with self-serving agendas has resulted in reporting that has tragic societal consequences—this time with respect to the treatment of depression. Establishment psychiatry, Big […]

Debunking The Myths About Depression and Antidepressants

Empower U with Host Michael Mercier March 27th, 2024

You Want It Darker: A Sick Society, Trump Worshippers, and the Drama Triangle

CounterPunch March 20th, 2024

Millions of Americans are in a state of horror over the fact that millions more Americans are poised to elect as president not just a scumbag, but an in-your-face scumbag. Among those millions of Americans who are horrified by Trump and his worshippers, only a small minority of them are horrified by a society that has created them.

Depression: Psychiatry’s Discredited Theories and Drugs Versus a Sane Model and Approach

Mad in America February 24th, 2024

Psychiatry’s serotonin-imbalance theory of depression, long discarded by researchers, was finally flushed down the toilet by psychiatry and the mainstream media in 2022. And psychiatrists’ primary treatments for depression—their so-called “antidepressants”—are now circling the drain. This leads to at least two questions: (1) What model of depression actually fits the facts? (2) What approach to […]