Psychiatry’s Nightmarish 2022 & Its Hysterical Defense Against Criticism

Mad in America October 8th, 2022

So in 2022, research reviews published in prestigious journals have made it clear that there is no neurobiological evidence—no chemical imbalance, no brain structure evidence—for any psychiatric condition.

Taxpayers Deserve Compensation from Naming-Rights Deals

Cincinnati Enquirer September 13th, 2022

If Cincinnati Enquirer blocks connecting to this article without a subscription, GO TO September 13 Blog: “New Norms, Naming Rights, Paycor, and Ronald Reagan.”

What Liberal Admonishers of Left Psychiatry Critics Get Wrong

CounterPunch September 9th, 2022

The primary reason why there are today so many Left-identified ex-psychiatric patients and practitioners such as myself—along with research scientists and investigative journalists—who are critical of the institution of psychiatry is that psychiatry has done an increasingly lousy job in helping people.

The Best Books for Freethinkers About Psychiatry

Shepherd August 28th, 2022

From Shepherd: Discover the Best Books.

Behind Rolling Stone’s Hatchet Job on a Psychiatrist Critical of Neoliberal Capitalism

CounterPunch August 11th, 2022

Welcome to the Twilight Zone of the political landscape of psychiatry, where faux-left liberals are clueless that they have unwittingly become right-wingers, where shameless right-wingers exploit anything in an attempt to hold on to their AR-15s, and where anti-authoritarian left critical thinkers know that if they are not careful—or even if they are—they will find […]

Psychiatry’s Failure Crisis: Are You Moderately or Radically Enlightened?

Mad in America July 26th, 2022

Psychiatry has historically promoted dogma—not science—and dogma tends to be boring for freethinkers who can smell its odor even before they can deconstruct it. The challenge then is this: How can psychiatry be examined in a novel way that might intrigue freethinkers and critical thinkers of science, philosophy, politics, and history who would not ordinarily […]

Marx, Spinoza, and the Political Implications of Contemporary Psychiatry

CounterPunch July 7th, 2022

Simple logic tells us that those atop a societal hierarchy will provide rewards for professionals—be they clergy or psychiatrists—who promote an ideology that maintains the status quo, and that the ruling class will do everything possible to manipulate the public to believe that the social-economic-political status quo is natural. If a population believes that its […]

Psychiatry’s Medical Model: How It Traumatizes, Retraumatizes & Perverts Healing

Mad in America June 7th, 2022

Before describing how psychiatry’s medical model traumatizes and retraumatizes—both overtly and insidiously—and before distinguishing genuine healing from psychiatry’s perversion of this term, I will begin by tackling the following question: What Exactly is Psychiatry’s “Medical Model?” Psychiatry’s medical model is essentially a disease model. While there are controversies about its definition—which I will return to—in […]

Do You Still Believe in the “Chemical Imbalance Theory of Mental Illness”?

CounterPunch April 29th, 2022

It continues to come as a great surprise for many people to learn that psychiatry’s leading authorities, including the former longtime director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), have discarded the “chemical imbalance theory of mental illness”—an idea which has had a profound impact on millions of emotionally suffering people and on our […]

Why, With More Treatment, Suicides and Mental Distress Have Increased? Former NIMH Director’s New Book

CounterPunch March 23rd, 2022

Insel begins by comforting his fellow psychiatrists with his claim that current psychiatric treatments “are as effective as some of the most widely used medications in medicine,” but he then asks this unsettling question: “If treatments are so effective, why are outcomes so dire?”